Transportation For An Out Of The Country Wedding

Planning for the transportation of guests for a wedding is a difficult task, but an even more difficult task is planning for transportation for an out of the country wedding. Besides just transportation from the airport to hotel and accommodations, you have to look at plane schedules and times of the year when friends and family will be able to attend the wedding. Some other factors that you need to consider when looking at transportation for an out of the country wedding is:

The distance from the airport – Depending how far the wedding is from the airport will depend on the different modes of transportation that can be used when getting to a wedding that will be out of the country. If the wedding is in a somewhat large city where there is an airport it can make it easier than if getting married in the countryside.

When making travel arrangements you can look at the different flights available and see if you can provide transportation for the guests arriving. If the wedding is somewhat close to the airport you can go pick people up when they arrive. It might also make it easier if most of the guests are staying at one hotel.

If you have the majority of your guests staying in the same place, then you can check into shuttles, as some hotels and resorts will provide this service for you. If it is one house or villa, for example, it might not be a bad idea to rent a shuttle for the day so you can shuttle people back and forth from the airport when they arrive. You can also have rental cars available for guests that are arriving as well but this will be more costly.

If the destination is not near the airport – If the ceremony is not very close to the airport it makes it a little more difficult. If this is the case you should try to make the flights so most of the guests arrive at one time then you can get them to the wedding accommodations by either bus, train, or rented shuttle.

This can be a little bit of a hassle and one idea that might make it easier is pick one hotel near the airport for everyone to stay at for one night. This way it does not matter when the guests arrive they could go to that hotel when they arrive. In the morning or afternoon the next day the whole group could then travel to where the wedding will be.

Who is making the reservations? It really depends who is making the reservations for air travel when looking into transportation to an out of country wedding. Everyone’s schedule will be different. If one person tries to make the reservations it may be easier as they can try to make it that all the guests arrive around the same time.

This makes it easier once you have to provide transportation for the airport to where the wedding will be held. It also might be easier to make reservations from one point, lets say in the U.S. and then all fly on the same flight out of the country. This will definitely make it easier as all the guests will be arriving at the same time therefore making it easier to provide transportation to the wedding venue.

Providing transportation for an out of the country wedding can be difficult but there are ways of making it easier such as renting shuttles and staying at one hotel. It also is a good idea to schedule all the flights so they arrive around the same time.