Picking the Gold from the Dross: Choosing Your DJ

“Music is what feelings sound like,” an unknown but undeniably wise individual stated. This saying about music captures its essence exactly and gives a commentary on why weddings – an occasion full of feelings – need music to make it truly meaningful and special. Your wedding day may have all the trappings of a society event or may be a simple minister-officiated wedding with odd-something guests, but the music you choose to play on your special day can have a lot of bearing on how it will be remembered by you and your guests.Knowing thus the importance of properly selecting your wedding music, you must deliberate about it at length. This article deals with selecting a wedding DJ.

Picking your Wedding DJ

The worst mistake you will ever make in picking your DJ is picking one at the last minute. Never ever put off choosing your DJ. The moment you know you’re getting married, you must immediately draw up a list of potential DJs. The main reason for this is that the best DJs have a long waiting list so you’d want to be able to reserve your slot in advance if you want a really good DJ.

After you have drawn up your list of possibilities from your research through the internet, browsing through the phone book and asking your friends and family for referrals, contact each DJ one by one. Take special note of how long you’ve been kept waiting and how efficiently the person on the other end dealt with your concern. Even if you’re not talking with the DJ himself, you’ll know that you’re dealing with a professional when he hires professional help.

After you have narrowed your list further, meet each candidate for a personal interview. Be prepared to take a lot of notes. Ask questions about price, typical services offered, value added services, and client support. Then ask to see a copy of their contract and check if what has been discussed is expressly written in it. Strike from your list all those who do not have a contract. You need this instrument to assure you that you will be getting what you’re going to pay for.

Finally, look at their portfolio of music to see if their tastes coincide with yours. Ask about their previous wedding DJ experiences and what they did in weddings they were hired for. Ask for references so you can check out the veracity of their stories. Once everything checks out pick the best wedding DJ that you can afford, and begin planning and preparing your wedding music selections with your DJ’s help.